One major reason I want to start this blog…simply for escape. I don’t plan on anyone showing major interest in it, or trying to self-promote. Narcissistic as hell.

I’ve always been found of autobiographies and keeping a record of one’s life to reflect later on- or some bullshit like that. But physically writing is slow and tiresome. And as a person with limited interest and productivity throughout any given day, that seems like a dead end. Thus, giving in to the cliche of writing a blog seemed inevitable.

I don’t really intend on having a theme or “message”. I’m simply writing. Something I have been neglecting for far too long.

There is no lack of content on which I plan to discuss. Right now, our society is a shit show. A literal shit show. An orange potato with midget hands is hell bent on stripping every “lesser being” of their human rights; a lesser being is defined as anyone that is not a rich, white, republican-obviously.

I have never understood the logic behind his campaign, or his cult of followers. He ran on the promise of eliminating corruption and supporting working class America. GREAT. SOUNDS GOOD. But… how does a billionaire in any way reflect this group of people? You promise the end of corruption, yet once in power you plan to warp laws to your benefit. What would you call that?

The main issues I have with his presidency (and there are many) concern domestic policy and internal problems that he has so gracefully avoided by responding with “alternative facts”. Excuse me, I meant: Bullshit.

  1. Betsy DeVos. They say there’s a special place in hell for women that don’t support other women. Well then get me some sunscreen because I’m about to burn. A part of supporting other women is acknowledging their humanity; a characteristic this woman lacks. Limiting public education and access to it is one of the most inhumane things I can think of. Others cannot better themselves, cannot have the opportunity to change their lives and the world around them, without education. Public education  is the societal norm in America. She literally wants to restrict her fellow Americans by denying them opportunity. But hold on, what qualifications does she even have to be put into a position to be making these decisions? Someone that has never received federal grant money to pay for school or even gone to a public school. The closest qualification I can think of is she is an American that probably lives within a five mile radius of a public school. That’s all I got.
  2. His regulation of the press  attempt to control information networks. His mass preachings of content so warped by his “alternative facts” that nothing coherent is actually being said. He as well as his administration, cannot answer simple yes or no questions. It’s as if they do not understand the policies they are trying to implement. Perhaps they are too incompetent to instigate corruption.
  3. His passion for communicating on a platform that encourages hashtags, gifs, and memes. #wut. Forget using twitter as a means to state policies and appreciate the nation you are leading, it is a witch hunting device used to blackball celebrities, media members, and anyone that refuses to support you. THE PRESS IS SUPPOSED TO REPORT WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD IN AN UNBIASED FASHION. It is not their fault that the FACTS that they are reporting about your administration are negative. You want better pr? Quit being a dick. Quit following the power tactics of renowned facist leaders. Quit instilling fear into the hearts of marginalized groups, by arbitrarily revoking their rights.

This is all I can handle for now. Later.